Uganda Update

Henry writes:
Sunday, Aug 24: “I got covid and since Thursday I was badly off , pray for me and my family.”
Monday, Aug 25
“Good morning my pastor Thor,my breathing system is a problem and coughing with fever,I am in the hospital but pray for my family my wife and my young children not to get covid 19 and the Lord to heal me.
Wednesday, Aug 26
“Tomorrow is my birthday but I am not well at all, my pastor tell Jesus to give me a chance to live and fulfill the work he gave me.”
The latest update from Henry:
Tuesday, Sept 22
“Pastor Thor. Thanks so much for paying my hospital bills and for taking care of my family in this season of covid 19. Now my life is restored. I can breath well again.”
Thank you for sticking with us during the pandemic. Your prayers and financial support brings the reality of the love of Jesus to so many.
Thor and Bonnie
Taking a Break at the Triangle X Ranch
Bonnie and I cashed in some frequent flyer miles recently.
We met our good friends, and GTN supporters, Brooks and Nancy Simmons in Moose, WY where we spent a week experiencing ranch life and these amazing views.
Our ministry to indigenous leaders is central to the task given to the church. Training leaders who can effectively reproduce spiritually healthy churches is critical to the Great Commission. Your financial gifts mean that I am available and resourced to help accomplish the very thing God has called His church to do until He comes for us.
Thank you

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