What We Do In The US

Thor and Bonnie have  been ministering and training leaders the US for 48 years and training internationally for 9 years.

Here’s a few of the Seminars Available:

Making Disciples That Make Disciples – Disciple Making
Disciple Making Bible Studies
Movements and Disciple Bible Studies
Church Leadership and the Kingdom of God
Qualifications for Leadership
Breakthrough: The Kingdom of God
Developing Followers of Jesus – Recruit, Train, Deploy, Nurture & Monitor
Building the Church From the Bottom Up
Breaking Through Growth Barriers
     Breakthrough 60 – 120
     Breakthrough 200
     Breakthrough 500
Healing 101
The Gifts of the Spirit
Men’s Retreats – The Stages of a Mans Life
The Cross and Freedom – Breaking the power of Idols in our lives and experiencing freedom
And More…

Mentoring & Guidance for Pastors

Thor and Bonnie bring decades of experience to the table.  Bonnie is a certified coach.  Having planted 2 churches and grown one into a large model church Thor is a great mentor, trainer, motivator and practitioner. Thor and Bonnie  are available to help overcome specific obstacles or provide guidance either in person or over the phone.

Seminars & Retreats

We bring a world of experience along with an exciting, contagious faith.  Thor excels in in all areas of training and is available for speaking at Youth and Men’s Retreats.  Bonnie is the author of “Though the Looking Glass – The Journey of a Natural Blond to Know God” and is available for Women’s Retreats and other venues.

Guest Preaching

If you need some time off from peaching Thor is available to fill in for you.  Just give him a call or text.

Pastor Jeff Miller Writes about Thor in his book  “8 Decisions Every Man Should Make”

At the young age of nineteen I wandered into a church for the first time of my life.  I had recently discovered religion on my own, and thanks to the prodding of a friend with whom I worked at a fast-food restaurant, I found a place where other people who were seeking God could meet and experience him. 

 In my time with those people, many of them came beside me, filling the role of father and mother and brother and sister that I had not had in my life.  But there was one man in this group that had the most profound impact on me; he was the pastor of the church.  I had the privilege of informally sitting under him for about a decade, learning everything I could.  As I think of the qualities of this first mentor in my life, those of the Wizard were most outstanding in him.  He was incredibly bold and fearless, but at the same time he could be incredibly gentle.  It is rare to see that balance in a man, and in this case it kept me continually inspired, for I wanted to be like this as well.

 Once, after conducting a dynamic meeting that saw hundreds moved, crying, and laid out all over the floor, a few of us were in the parking lot afterward preparing to go our separate ways.  A new member of the church approached, an older man, and began to sing the praises of the pastor, declaring his loyalty and commitment to the church and his leadership.  My mentor must have seen something because without hesitation he said “We will see if I am your pastor when I have to tell you no.”  Only a short time after that the older man showed his true colors, attempting a coup d’état.  He was unable to serve and desired only to lead, and this caused him to leave in the worst way, blaming God and everyone else as he did, his takeover attempt resulting in nothing but bitterness in his heart.

In stark contrast to this was the mentor of whom I am speaking.  In my years with him he took me along to conferences, out of state and out of the country, as a travel partner.  We jogged together, shared hotel rooms, and flew across the ocean.  In these contexts over many years I saw him brush his teeth, drink plenty of coffee, and deal with loss, criticism, tragedy, and many other difficulties.  In these battles I watched him, a Wizard, seek out many other Wizards for comfort and guidance.

Even into his older age he never disengaged from the learning process, whether it involved God or man being the teacher.  At every church service, conference, and seminar, most of which he was in charge, he remained in a constant posture of receiving.  I watched him a hundred times conversing with others, and most of what he did was listen, but when he did talk there was tremendous power to his words.  Typically before the speaking part of the liturgy there is an extended time of corporate singing.  This man never failed to engage, quietly singing, arms open wide, often kneeling or prostrate, unconcerned about reviewing his notes, lost in the moment. 

 I will always remember this scene in my mind.  Now that I am in his shoes, leading a church, being a model for others,  I am sure that many are watching me.  Will I be the professional type, aloof and disengaged from people in the hurriedness of my responsibility?  Will I be known as highbrow, emanating an air of superiority because of my position?  Or will I be a shepherd who smells like his sheep, a general who sleeps on the field with his troops, still humble, still learning, still available?

 I am grateful for such a model of the Wizard in my life.  I saw what a man looks like when he takes this path, and now I am able to emulate the same, and lead others there too.  It is my aim to still be a student as long as I am breathing, no matter how many people are looking to me to be the teacher.