Uganda Report

This years trip to Uganda was rescheduled due to surgery on Oct 23 for an artificial Knee. However, good things are still going on from my last visit.
Here’s a letter from one of the Pastors who gathered some 40 Pastors and Church Planters for me to train. I received it this week.
“Next year when you come you will meet with new leaders which have grown up through your training,and I request you to spare one day when you come and we drive you to all the new churches which started in places where there no church.
Those photos of stones. People from different places nations, they go there and worship those stones but one of the leaders you trained last year went and started a church there and many people of that place gave their lives to Jesus, even one baptized 10 people. To Jesus be the glory.
Please continue to pray for us. God bless you.”  Henry
This is just one of hundreds of stories that you make possible though your financial support. Thank you.

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