Training that Transforms Lives

Three weeks plus some change, fourteen plane flights, two continents, three countries, and two hundred & sixty church planters, pastors and leaders trained in DMM.  The feedback was superb as I introduced Disciple Making Movements.  It’s all about making disciples who make disciples, who make disciples until you have a movement of hundreds of Disciples of Jesus involved in Discovery Groups.  A Discovery Group is all about obedience based, inductive Bible study.  If you are interested in more information on this download Contagious Disciple Making by David Watson.  It’s a great read.
The mission began in Tanzania at the African Leaders Conference.  That resulted in invitations to train in Kenya, Uganda and Malawi, three countries that I have not taught in yet.  We are working on dates now.
Next, it was on to Eastern Ethiopia.  Through my work with The Petros Network I helped train 175 church planters.
Ethiopia Church Planters doing a Discover Group

After that, I returned home for five days, did my laundry, packed up again and left for Costa Rica where I trained 85 Pastors and Church leaders.  Out of that came an invitation to train in El Salvador in January, 2018.  It’s a go!

One of 10 breakout groups – Costa Rica
God continues to open doors.  The impact of what we are doing is beyond anything I would have imagined when I began this ministry!   Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial donations.  It’s a team effort.  I could do none of this without you.
Costa Rica – Jason Wallace (left) and Tyler Garvey my Associate Pastor joined me on this trip.

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