South Sudan Update – 8/15

There is war and starvation in South Sudan.  Over 60,000 people haveflew South Sudan and gone into Uganda.
Our 129 Pastors have stayed with their churches to minister to their people. One Pastor, who’s wife is pregnant managed to get his wife and kids  to the border of Uganda safe and upon leaving them in Uganda went back on a very dangerous road to his churches in South Sudan. But like all of our Pastors and church planters he is committed to Jesus and his church no matter the danger.   These men and women are really incredible!
I am so grateful for your support of what I do through Global Training Network.  Because of you and your support there are over 200,000 people in South Sudan that have come to Jesus in the last 4 years. For those 200,000+ it has made all the difference!
That’s significant because in Jesus there is hope during these desperate time.  I’d rather walk through difficult days with Jesus than without Jesus and so would they.  You have given them hope.

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