Shin Bone Explodes In Boys Leg – Uganda

Ambrose is his name.  He’s a kid I met in the back of the church I was training pastors in Uganda.  He was dancing before the Lord.
During the ministry time God showed up and was healing many people.  I shared one story of the boy deaf from birth in the last newsletter.  He was healed totally!  And, there was Ambrose, my new friend standing there.  I was asked, “Would you pray for him?”
They told me he had cancer and pulled up his pant leg to reveal a bone sticking out 4 inches.  I told them, “That’s not cancer.  It’s a broken bone and he’s infected.  How long has he been like this?”
“A year and a half.  He’s an orphan and he’s in our church school.”
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I’m no Doctor, but evidently he got an infection a year and a half ago that got into the bone.  Eventually, the pressure was so great it caused the bone to explode and split with 4 inches sticking out of his leg.
No one had brought him to a Dr, clinic or hospital.  It was to far to go and no one had any money to help him.
I told the Pastor, “Get him to a Hospital and I’ll find a way to cover the cost.”  This boy is going to die if we don’t.
Long story short the Pastor got him to a hospital.  They performed surgery almost right away as the infection was about to go into his knee joint.
Post surgery and post pain, Ambrose has changed his name to “Ambrose the happiest”.
It cost $1,600 to save this kids life.  Here’s a pic of Ambrose praying and thanking God for all he has done for him.
To date two counties representing 70 villages have heard about Ambrose and the other 20 plus healing’s.  I trained over 40 Pastors how to make disciples who make disciples through Discover Bible Studies.  Hundreds, if not thousands are expected to come to Jesus.  Pretty exciting stuff isn’t it.
Ambrose’s leg pre surgery
 For those of you with weak stomachs I made it small.  You can resize it.

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