Meet Josue Moran From El Salvador

I met Josue a year or two ago. He was 20 years old and going through a very difficult time. He was in college, his Mom had left their family, his Dad had Leukemia, and they had no money.

Josue says, “I under-stood I needed to have a relationship with Jesus. I needed to know more about Jesus. I wanted to follow Jesus for real not because my friends are. I just fell in love with Jesus.

One night I was singing and bent my knees on the floor and that night I said to Jesus, ‘Take my life take me I’m yours”. I was so afraid of the future – take control of me – I just want to go with you.”

While training in El Salvador I invited Josue to come to Costa Rica for a conference. He didn’t have the money but immediately he knew he was going. I let him know that God always pays for what He births. And He did!

Josue says, “When you asked me to go at that moment I thought, Ok I’m going.”

He goes on, “While praying during covid I was feeling like the light of my church was turned off. We were so alive before covid. Lord, I have not done anything, and I don’t want to go and just watch. I want to do something for you Lord.”

God answered prayer! In Costa Rica, in addition to attending the conference Josue was asked to play on the worship team, to preach on Sunday and lead the ministry time.

He was blown away. I asked him if God might be calling him to be a church planter. Josue answered, “Costa Rica was a real growth experience. It’s something I am considering”.

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