Meet Diago

Diago started coming to the church in Heredria, Costa Rica where I had done a good bit of training. Now he is a friend. Here’s his story.

It was the first year of the pandemic and Diago had relapsed back into his drug habit. He had tried church before to no avail, but this church was different. The church was actually closed due to the pandemic but, thankfully, the small groups were open.

Diago had gone through rehab, then relapsed and was in rough shape when he first showed up. He got involved in a small group and began helping to broadcast the Sunday worship on Facebook. During that process he met Jesus and was set free from drug use.

The thing that most impresses me about Diago is that he is a servant. He is always ready to serve, whether it’s cleaning a restroom or playing the drum for the worship team. Currently, he is enrolled in a discipleship class at the church.

But there’s more. Diago’s dad is a paraplegic. Since coming to Jesus his relationship with his dad has grown and every day they pray and read the Bible together.


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