Martyr In South Sudan

iur-1Normally I will go and help train church planters a couple times a year in South Sudan but due to the danger it was only once last year.   Here’s an except from the Petros Network Newsletter to bring you up to date with what’s happening with our Church Planters.
“In the Eastern Equartorian region, where most of our missionary church planters have launched their church plants, life is hard, food is scarce and conflict is everywhere.  There are reports people are disappearing every day as government soldiers are systematically killing innocent civilians, raping women and young girls, and burning villages in a genocidal attempt to purify their nation…This young country continues to be in a state of internal struggle.
One of our church planters Ochuho Delta William, along with six of his church members were recently attacked.  Ochuho and 3 of his church members were killed and 3 left wounded.  Please pray for God’s protection for all of the people of South Sudan and specifically our new congregations.”
“Despite the horrendous tragedies and continuous conflict the Gospel is being spread and the church continues to take root.  Pastor Martin Khamis, our Petros Network-South Sudan leader, travels with UN officials to visit the various church plants and his reports are very encouraging.  He recently said, “There is not hope through the government or any other means, except for our hope is Christ.”  There are tremendous reports of baptisms, salvations, hearings and miracles.  The church continues to grow.”
Pictured below –  Okeny John Angelo’s church – South Sudan. His church is meeting/praying under a tree and then 34 people marched to the water to be baptized.Imurok baptism 2
Imurok Baptism 5

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