Humbled and Grateful

Ojok (above) is one of 127 church planters I trained in South Sudan.
He and I have kept in touch for years.
In fact, after making five trips to South Sudan I was back in the U.S. while my friend Mark Walker was in South Sudan.
Imagine…100+ degrees, mud huts and stick churches with galvanized roofs all around. Mark was walking through a field outside of Juba that happened to be near Ojok’s church.
Ojok saw him and ran to him to ask, “Where is Thor Colberg?”
Mark was blown away. How did this guy out in the middle of nowhere know Thor?
Small world? Nah. The Lord never ceases to amaze!
Ojok is one of the pastors we’ve continued sending money to. His country has been shut down because of the pandemic crisis but he can still feed him family.
Evidently he downloaded a picture of Bonnie and me and posted this on his Facebook page:
“People I will never forget
in the pages of my book and
the story of my ministry,
friends worth respect and honor”
Wow, that’s humbling and makes me grateful.
But we know who put it together. We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to do His ministry and we are grateful for your prayers and financial support that makes it possible to do the training we do and make friends of the people we meet. Thank you!
They are your friends too.

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