Holding the Ropes

“Before embarking on his missionary journey to India, William Carey famously told Andrew Fuller, ‘I will go down into the pit, if you will hold the ropes.’

Most people remember Carey as one of the fathers of the modern missionary movement. But fewer remember Fuller as the man who organized; raised funds, and built a lasting enterprise to ensure the success of gospel endeavors.

Today missions movements are still enabled by rope-holders — committed believers who pray, send money, and staff organizations that equip and send missionaries to foreign lands.” Andrew T Walker

Seven Countries in the Next Four Months

During the next four months I’ll be training church planters, pastors, and leaders in five countries; Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

In addition, Bonnie and I are slipping in a trip to Ireland and Scotland in August. Those airline miles add up and about the only expense will be food.

Please Hold the Ropes.

If you would be so kind to pray, here’s a short list of needs:

  • Pray for the stenosis in my neck that began with an accident in my garage last December. It has resulted in severe pain going into my shoulder and arm. I’m being treated but please pray that the pain ceases, especially during travel.
  • Pray for safety in countries where I train.
  • Pray that the Lord would pour out his Spirit during these training events and we will see incredible fruit.
  • Pray that Bonnie and the rest of my family stay safe and well while I travel.

I love and appreciate all the rope holders in this ministry. Thank you for your financial and prayer support. Together we are changing the world.

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