Ha! Give me Five!

As I go into my fifth year of working with Global Training Network I can tell you that it continues to be a great ride.  This year I go from training church planters in four countries (Ukraine, Ethiopia & Somalia, and South Sudan) to training in the additional countries of Tanzania, Costa Rica, and possibly Romania and Georgia, which are still to be dated.  Our tremendous impact for Jesus continues to grow.  I’m amazed at the ways in which God is using us!  I’m very grateful for your prayers and financial support.  You make what we do possible.

6.3 Billion People

Out of 7.3 billion people on planet earth, 6.3 billion live in the Majority World, which is the geographic area of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.

80% Need Training

Today, at least 75% of the world’s Christians are non-Western, living in the Majority World. But 80% of Majority World pastors have no formal biblical training.

1 in 450,000

In the U.S. there is 1 trained pastor per 250 people. Around the world, there is 1 trained pastor per 450,000 people. GTN’s foremost goal is to change this reality.

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