Five Minutes Before Boarding

Five minutes before boarding the flight to El Salvador I was talking with Bonnie on the phone. Her dad, who was suffering from heart failure, was going into hospice care. I gave my Discovering God’s Calling For Your Life notes to Jason Wallace, who was traveling with me, and left to support Bonnie.
It was the right decision. Bonnie’s 99-year-old father, Jim Huckaby, went to be with Jesus during the time I was supposed to be in El Salvador. Jim was married to Doris for 74 years and was an incredible man in so many respects.

Here’s what happened in El Salvador.

On my previous trip – remember – while following the Holy Spirit’s prompting I asked Josua, my 20-year-old interpreter,
“If I were to come and do a workshop on Discovering God’s Calling For Your Life could you get 20 of your friends there?”
He was excited and said, “Absolutely!”
“Great! Let’s do it.”
Josua set up two venues and did all the PR.
San Jose had 12 in attendance and Soyapango had 18 for a total of 30. Plus others who joined online.
God is certainly blessing El Savador and I’ll be following up with more training in the near future.
I know I was not there but you made it possible for Josua to set up the training and for Jason to carry out the training in my place. Thank you! It could not have happened apart from your prayers and financial support.

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