Divine Appointments

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, I worked with the church in Heredia.  I’ve taught here on a number of occasions, and this time I taught 7 hours on the Kingdom of God and the Cross, and another 3 hours on Leadership.

On Saturday evening I taught at another Heredia church (right) for the first time. God showed up and it was a great time. They invited me back to do some training with their leadership in January of 2024.


Then it was on to Panama where I worked with three different denominations – all small churches that could never afford to bring someone in to train them. So cool that I can do it without charging or receiving an offering.

Panama: A Divine Appointment

I met Edwardo (below) an indigenous pastor who is over 20 churches in the mountains of Panama. He is a member of the Comarca Indians. As you may know, the indigenous people of Panama have their own lands in the mountains and a history of suffering.

Edwardo asked me to come and train his pastors. We will have to hike into the mountains to reach where they live. We’ll take hammocks and backpacks, but Edwardo tells me that he will have over 100 pastors and leaders who need training. How exciting is that!

The Favor of God!

I have been so blessed as God continues to give me favor with the younger adult generation in so many countries. A number of them are feeling called to seminary, to church planting, and ministry. The following pics show only a part of the 20-year-olds I’ve been working with lately in Central America.

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