Beautiful El Salvador

I’ve just returned from a week in beautiful
El Salvador and I can say God is on the move.
We visited four churches in three different states. During this time we interviewed and ministered to each of the pastors and their leadership; asking many questions, listening and ministering to everyone.
Many people shared how my two previous training visits had benefited them and how much they appreciate that someone is willing to come, care, serve and train them.
A year and a half ago I gave one of the pastors, pictured below, a challenge coin. Last week he shared with me how meaningful and encouraging it was for him…just knowing that someone knew his name and cared about him as a person. He felt recognized for the first time! Wow, what a powerful moment.
These pastors and their leaders love Jesus and have sacrificed greatly. It meant so much that we took the time to travel to each church and listen to their individual needs. We got to know them well and it’s going to be so important in tailoring future leadership trainings.
That’s right, we are returning in March to train in San Salvador. It will be very well attended as the result of our visiting them on their turf.
I’m anticipating that the fruit of all this will be numerous church plants throughout all of El Salvador within five years.

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