Safe in El Salvador

A year ago I was training Pastors and leaders in Costa Rica in “Making Disciples that Make Disciples”. This year three of those leaders were with me El Salvador.  This time they were interpreting.  We had a blast ministering together!
We were all a bit nervous due to gang violence.  When we asked one of the Pastors if we were in the safe zone he laughed and answered, “Ha, there is no safe zone in El Salvador.  It’s all dangerous!”   However, we stayed safe and it turned out to be a great training time.  We trained 7 lead Pastors, all church planters and another 43 of their leaders and had great feedback.
We closed out the trip with more training in Costa Rica on the way home.  Heard stories from the people trained last year about people coming to Jesus through what was taught.  One lady shared a story of bringing two people to Jesus through her Discovery Group.  She was excited!

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