I Didn’t Expect That!
For five years Bonnie and I have been mentoring our Associate Pastor and his wife to take over our church when I reached around 70 years old. At that time I would go on to do my international ministry with GTN full
time.  Several months back we all went to lunch together. 
Bonnie started off the conversation with a big question, “So what has God been saying to you?” 
They pretty much blew our minds. They responded that they felt God
leading them to leave and plant a church. Surprise! I was dumbfounded.
It took me a few minutes to catch my breath and then realize it’s ok; this
is how God often works. Yes, it was an unexpected turn of events, but also a huge win for the Kingdom, just not the win I expected.
Their last day with us was Christmas Eve. Since that evening I have been running like crazy in my role as lead pastor, International Trainer with
GTN, and the additional work of an associate Pastor. 
Having recovered from two surgeries, we reach forward to what lies
ahead. My prayer is to have a new Associate Pastor on board soon, as my GTN travel/training schedule begins again in April. 
I have two prayer requests. One, would you pray God that gives me
energy to accomplish all that’s on my plate. Two, would you pray that I
find an Associate Pastor before April.

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