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Details from Nov-Dec South Sudan Trip 2018
Jason Wallace is in my church. Jason and I have logged a number of Souh Sudan trips together. This year I was unable to go because of knee
replacement surgery. However, I gave Jason my notes and off he went.
Here’s some interesting details from Jason’s report which I think will help you understand a little more what we do and where your money goes. 

Expenses:Visa, plane ticket. $1,633 Room and Board on the ground. $715Housing of Pastors being trained $2,000

Return on Investment. 183 pastors/leaders trained

More detail of healings/training
Juba: Held a 3 day training in Sherikat. 51 in attendance. Jason’s training focused on the Disciple Making though Discovery Bible Studies. 
On Day 4 several people mentioned going ahead and starting discovery groups. They seemed to really understand the concepts being taught and were excited about implementing the training.
Terekeka: Held a 1.5 day training. 87 persons in attendance. On Day 2 we met for breakfast before the training. While at breakfast, we met a man whom we prayed for the day before that had Malaria. He looked like a
totally different person (in fact we didn’t realized who it was at first until Joseph toldus). 
Wednesday was a travel day where we drove back to Juba from Terekeka. It was a 2.5 hour trip by vehicle.Thursday we took as a day of rest before flying to Bor on Friday morning.
Bor: Held a 3.5 day training. 45 persons in attendance. Jason continued
his trainingon Disciple Bible Studies. Part of the training consisted of
having attendees participate in a full discovery group.
On Day 3 we attended the church service and We used that time to train
them on the healing five step prayer model so they would know they
could pray for one another and God could heal others through them and not just Western visitors.
During that time, Jason prayed over one lady named Rachel who had a
stomach issue. After praying for her a couple of times, you could see her
facial expression change as the pain left. She was excited. We watched
her throughout the rest of the afternoon and noticed that she was no longer favoring herside or showing any signs of pain.
After she was healed, we had a lady come up name Deborah. Deborah
had a headache and the pain had lasted for several days. We had Rachel
pray for Deborah and after the first time she prayed the pain level
lowered.After the second time, the pain was totally gone. Deborah then
prayed for another lady (also named Deborah) who had pain around her eyes. After she prayed once, the lady was healed.
On day 4, continued with the training on discipleship and had the
attendees do one a full discovery group and we also discussed the
importance of prayer and building relationship with those whom they
would be reaching out to in their communities. This was to break the
concepts of “winning souls” and moving them to understanding that
discipleship is a long process and our goal is to make disciples (not win

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