Update from the President of GTN – Paul Madson

As we enter into the Fall season with the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting countries all across
Africa, Asia and Latin America – and thus, personal, business and ministry travel globally being almost completely shut down – I want you to know that GTN’s ministry of equipping and encouraging indigenous pastors and leaders continues around the world through the modern tools of digital technology.
We are hoping and praying that international travel will open up to some of the countries where we are involved this Winter.
This pandemic has been a great reminder of the strategic role that training indigenous pastors and leaders plays in the long-term multiplication of God’s Kingdom globally.
GTN’s work is able to continue on even after we have left (indigenous sustainability). The training that our staff provides serves as a foundation for these incredible pastors and leaders, who then multiply it to the people under their leadership and influence.
When you impact and influence a pastor, you impact and influence everyone under their leadership….
As we enter into our 17th year as an organization, we are grateful for God’s grace in allowing our staff (of almost 170) to have provided training to almost 300,000 indigenous pastors and leaders in 80 countries throughout the Majority World.
Your investment in this ministry has made all of this possible. You truly are “partners in ministry” (Philippians 1:5). We could not do this global work without you.
On behalf of indigenous pastors and leaders globally, thank you!
By God’s Grace and for His Glory,
Paul Madson
Founder and President GTN

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