Meet Ambrose

On my last trip to Uganda a boy named Ambrose came forward for prayer.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. His friends answered, “He has cancer.”
They rolled up his pant leg and I couldn’t believe what I saw, and smelled. His shin bone had exploded and was sticking out of his leg. It was not cancer, but an infection.
“How long has he had this condition?” I asked the pastor.
“Around a year.”
I asked more questions only to learn that Ambrose was an orphan.
We were out in the bush with no immediate option for help.
There was no clinic nearby and no one had money to get him to the city for surgery. He just lived with the infection and would probably die from it.
“Can you get him to a hospital?” I asked the pastor. “Whatever it takes, get him to a hospital. I’ll find the money. We are not going to let this kid die!”
Long story short the money was raised and wired from the U.S.
Three days later Ambrose was taken to the hospital, on the back of a motorcycle, and underwent surgery.
The Latest Update
This week I got a text from Pastor Silvest.
I mentioned I had a foot problem that’s getting better and this is the text I got back.
“Hello, Man of God, how are you doing? This afternoon I have shared with Ambrose about you sickness, Oh God, I regretted, the boy cried…until he lost energy.”
Wow! That’s a grateful kid.
This boy’s life was completely transformed!

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