Kingdom Breaks In – Deaf No Longer

Uganda: Hundreds attend with over 40 Pastors and Church Planters trained in Making Disciples That Make Disciples
I have just returned from a three week training trip to Uganda and Ukraine.  As you know I train church planters but at times I get to preach in their churches and do ministry.  I preached in three Worship Celebrations in Uganda and one in Ukraine.  We experienced the Kingdom of God breaking in with no less than twenty healing’s and many coming to Jesus, some of which were Muslim.  Here’s one story:
We are in the bush outside of Mbale, Uganda in the church of one of the Pastors I will be training.  I’m the first white guy to ever teach in that church!  A young man, deaf from birth came forward for prayer.  His Grandma brought him.  I actually had a lady that had just experienced healing in her ears to pray on him.   Please know that I’m not the guy on stage that does it all.  That’s not a good model. My role is to train the saints to do the works that Jesus did.  (I did kind of help a little).
After praying for this kid his Grandma, who was standing ten feet behind him called his name.  He showed signs of hearing her.  I had the woman pray again for the boy.
This time he heard his grandma very clearly and looked around.  People in the church were propelled forward to get a look.  It’s like the whole place exploded in excitement.  He was hearing!
But remember that because he had never heard, he was mute.  We taught him his first word.  It was Joshua. (Jesus).  Two Muslim ladies who were watching the whole thing play out gave their lives to Jesus as I led them in prayer.

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