It’s Happening!

It’s Happening in the
Black Hills of South Dakota
On our recent trip to South Dakota, Bonnie and I met a couple who had a heart for and the relationships to work with Native Americans in the Black Hills.
We hit it off with them and as a result of that divine appointment we are headed back to South Dakota to train and work with a number of Lakota people on the reservation.
Our first training will be on “Making Disciples that Make Disciples.” We’ll train on starting Discovery Bible Studies and anticipate that hundreds, if not thousands, will come to Jesus over the next few years.
It’s Happening in Uganda
We met Ambrose when he was an orphan. His shin bone had literally exploded due to an infection. It was broken and sticking outside of his leg.
We supplied the funds for his surgery. Pastor Silvest took Ambrose into his family. We have provided funds for his education, books, clothing, and often times food pver the last three years. Here’s a recent picture of Ambrose and a comment from Silvest.
“Hello Pastor Thor, I would like you to know that in our country such moments are very rare. Such opportunities can penny come to people God has chosen and placed inside the hearts of loving men and women. Ambrose is among the chosen few… If you had not come to Uganda that year by now Ambrose would be dead.”
Discovery Bible Studies Happening in Uganda
Pastor Henry writes, “The government of Uganda closed the church buildings now coming to 4 months but the church of Christ is open. We worship, we serve through small groups. Thank you, for God used you to teach us about Discovery Bible Study Groups. I have used this to teach out to people. We may be closed but we are growing stronger in the Lord.”

It’s Happening in South Sudan

Pastor Ojok (right side above) from South Sudan and I stay in constant communication. I was blessed to help train him years ago, and still speak into his life.God used him to build the local church (top of page) and continues using Ojok to train leaders in South Sudan and Sudan.He hopes to bring me to Sudan with him. Maybe that will happen.

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