From the desk of Paul R. Madson / June 2020 From the President’s Desk

Training Leaders, Transforming Lives
“Even in the midst of Covid-19 and all of the limitations it has placed upon businesses and ministries globally, GTN is not standing still in the midst of this “divine pause.”
God continues to bring new, high-quality staff our way. Just in the past few months, we have added another 10 new staff members that are somewhere in the pipeline process (transitioning from previous positions, etc.).
With now around 160 U.S.-based staff (who travel and train globally) and over 220 international associate staff (key indigenous point leaders) located in 80 countries around the world, God continues to move us forward as we work to prepare for an even more effective future of training the next generation of global pastors and leaders.
I’m more convinced than ever that one of the most effective ways to see a nation reached and discipled with Gospel of Jesus Christ is by training the indigenous pastors and leaders…. who already know the language, customs and culture…. and who can then go on to train their congregations to reach and disciple their villages, communities, regions and countries for God’s glory.”

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