Ethiopia Update 8/15

13533322_1096003937089072_5952539016397490778_nWomen carry a special burden as a missionary church planter. Some are beaten, some are raped… She was told not to go to her village because of the resistance, but she said, ‘I want to die preaching the Gospel!’

“I prayed every day that Jesus would make His name known to the people of my village. My church is very close to where evil spirits are worshipped and the worshippers of those spirits come while I am preaching and try to kill me. They have tried many times, throwing stones at me, but God keeps me safe. Men have been sent who have tried to beat me to death. They try to harm me, but God again keeps them from being able to lay even one finger on me.

“One day through prayer a woman who had been sick for a long time was healed. That was the beginning of the breakthrough. Now many people come to me for healing and the church is growing. I am using every opportunity to present the good news to the lost. God has helped me to bring over 718 people to Himself. Today we have land, a building for 1000 people and even a well. My church has changed the community for the better.

“PRAY for me as I declare God’s name and plant more churches. This is my calling and I am willing to die to bring Him glory!” –Missionary OR0005**

**Taken from The Petros Network Face Book Page. Thor partners with Petros and teaches with this fantastic Mission/Church Planting organization.

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