Blessed to be a Blessing!

Henry – immediate prayer needed
details below
A big thank you to David Bateman
& his church for donating $1,000.
And a big thank you to you!
During the month of August we were able to give away $1,500 to pastors and their families in Uganda, Malawi and South Sudan. The money was used to buy food for these families, as the food situation was dire. It is truly so cool to personally know and have trained each of these pastors. To have relationship with them and know their kids and spouses.
Here are some messages from them:
Ojok in South Sudan
“You have covered my fear on the issue of food. God bless you!”
Arnold in Malawi
“Thank you for your help and managed to buy three maize bags. I bought in Mozambique and just crossed the Shire river reaching Malawi side. The family is happy now.”
Pastor Henry (middle) in Uganda
We paid his daughter’s hospital bill of $140 and supplied food for his family. He, then, distributed money for us to five other pastoral families.
“My pastor Thor, I have taken to long to communicate to you, I traveled to the western region on Thursday and I managed to get pastors, this was a great miracle to all of them because life was very hard since March, they were very grateful to you for remembering them.they pray for you and your family, and said they are looking forward to thank you face to face.”
Henry recently contracted Covid-19 and currently needs our prayers.
He writes:
Sunday, Aug 24: “I got covid and since Thursday I was badly off , pray for me and my family.”
Monday, Aug 25
“Good morning my pastor Thor,my breathing system is a problem and coughing with fever,I am in the hospital but pray for my family my wife and my young children not to get covid 19 and the Lord to heal me.
The covid in Uganda now is on the peak and the government is proposing to lock down again the president is to address the nation tomorrow on covid 19 but is going to lock down again which is good to our nation”
Wednesday, Aug 26
“Tomorrow is my birthday but I am not well at all, my pastor tell Jesus to give me a chance to live and fulfill the work he gave me.”
Thank you for your prayers and financial support.
The work continues on.
You make what we do possible.

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