Wow! That Went Fast!

The training of Native Americans (Lakota Sioux) in the Black Hills of South Dakota went great. While it was a small crowd the potential for the Kingdom is great. As I told the participants, “Lets see what God will do.”
One person messaged me a weeks after the training with the following report:
“Thor! I cannot even begin to tell you what God is already doing and answering the prayer you prayed over me!!! God is on the move in unbelievable ways at a pace I am seriously just holding on to the seat of my pants saying, “I hear you Lord! I am so unworthy but so excited and blessed to be a part of what you are doing!”

Camping & Ordination

A day after returning from the Black Hills Bonnie and I went camping in Cape Hatteras, NC. From their we traveled south to Myrtle Beach where I ordained my good friend and travel companion for 8 years Jason Wallace. It was an exciting evening.
Now we are home and looking forward to a blessed Thanksgiving. We are giving thanks for so many things, you and the rest of our GTN team included.

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