Where On Earth Is Thor?

Since October of 2012 we have been going out.  To date we travel to and are involved in the following countries once a year, and at times twice or even three times a year:

Ukraine:  Training Church Leaders and Pastors.

Ethiopia:  Partnering with Petros Network and training over 800 Church Planters and Pastors from over 20 denominations.  Over 800 Churches Planted!

South Sudan:  We have trained 129  Pastors and Church Planters from over 20 other denominations.  These men and woman have planted 129 churches and  almost 200,000 have come to Jesus  in the last four years.  Incredible stories are coming out of South Sudan.

Some Countries are not listed for security reasons.  

In 2017 we are going adding a few countries:  Georgia, Romania, Costa Rica and Tanzania.

USA – Thor is the Church Planting Coordinator for Vineyard’s Mid Atlantic Region composing VA, MY, NC and SC.